The Basics of Psychometry

Psychic ReaderPsychometry, also called “token object reading,” is the ability to touch an object and gain some kind of extrasensory impression from it. These impressions might be visions, names or even just swirls of colors and sounds.

Who Are Psychometrists?

You’re probably most familiar with psychometrists because of their prevalence on TV. Have you ever seen a psychic character helping the police or searching for a missing girl by touching her personal effects? These scenes tend to be very dramatic, with the psychometrists gasping at their visions and yelling things like, “She’s near the river!” Psychometry in real life is much more subtle.

How Does It Work?

There are many, many theories about where psychometry comes from and why only certain people can tap into its power. Most paranormal experts agree that it must have something to do with the auras or atoms of the universe. There are still so many things we don’t know about matter, energy and light, so who’s to say that psychometry isn’t an entirely natural phenomenon that we simply can’t explain with our current level of science?

What Can You Learn From A Psychometrist?

If you’re thinking of getting a reading from a psychometrist, there are a few things you should know first.

Psychometrists can not:

See your future

  • Read your mind
  • Read other people’s minds through their belongings
  • Gain omniscient knowledge
  • Tell you where you lost your car keys

Psychometrists can, on the other hand, help you find missing things that are important to you. For example, if a beloved pet has disappeared, psychometrists might be able to read something from the collar they left behind.

Psychometrists can also help you answer pointed, specific questions, though the readings they receive might be hazy. If you think your spouse is cheating on you, you might take their jacket or watch to a psychometrist to see if they receive any impressions of dishonesty, lust or infidelity.

Certain psychometrists might also have the power to speak to the dead. If you give them a close treasure of the deceased, they might be able to reach “beyond the void” and establish a channel of communication via the item that ties them to the earth.

Where Do You Find A Psychometrist?

Most psychometrists only advertise their services on a word-of-mouth basis, so you’ll need to dive into your local psychic community to find them. If you already know a palm-reader or clairvoyant, you can ask them if they know any psychometrists or even if they’ve dabbled in the art of psychometry themselves.

The most important thing about getting a psychometric reading is understanding that it won’t immediately solve your problems. Just like any psychic knowledge, it should be used carefully to help you figure things out in your life and make better decisions about the future.

Psychometry is a tool. Whether you’re looking for dogs, lies or just a fun reading with a psychic, you should always treat it as such.


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Psychics Are As Popular Today As Ever Before

Psychic Energy Readings, Aurora Avenue North, SeattleWhether you swear by them or you are a skeptic psyching readings are always an enlivening undertaking. Many things can be learned by having a psychic do a reading. You can find out the path of your future, use a reading to make a big decision or find out if a specific event is going to happen. Most people use the service to learn how a dead friend or relative is doing, if someone will forgive them for something they’ve done and to get answers regarding their marriage, money, jobs and health.

How is a reading done

Psychics have keen perceptive abilities and rely on those to interpret information from an individual. They use the heightened senses of touch, sound and sign to determine readings. If you want to have a psychic do a reading on you they may use several different techniques such as reading Tarot cards,
Astrology, Horoscope, Numerology or Palm reading. Palm readers use the unique and varied lines, curves and shapes of the palm to read the future of the person who is getting the reading. This practice needs to be done in person but many psychic readings can be done over the phone or are offered over the Internet today. An Internet or telephone reading means you can have them done from the comfort of your own home without ever having to travel. This is especially popular with people in smaller towns or who live in areas without access to a practicing psychic.

Having a reading done from your home

You can get a telephone psyching reading from your home by a psychic that practices a “remote perception.” Sometimes it is difficult to travel to a psychic or to know where to go for a reading and the Internet offers many options for a psyching reading. Remote perception means a reading can be done even though the clairvoyant and the client will never meet in person face to face. The reading may be done by Email, Chat or by using a Webcam. A reading may also be offered over the telephone. In each instance the reader will ask several questions that can be used so the psyching can get a sense of the person and what is going on in their lives and help them pick up a reading.

While most people don’t understand how psychics are able to gleam the information that they do psychic readings are very popular and a great deal of money changes hands each year by those who do the readings and those looking for their services. Whether somebody takes on their services as a skeptic who uses the reading for its entertainment value or as a tried and true believer who is looking for some answers to their life’s journey the industry is one that continues to thrive and is as popular as ever. If you’ve never had reading done of your own it’s something most people enjoy having done at least once. You might be surprised by the results.

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